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Twenty-six years ago, we left Toronto's busiest event decorating company to open our business 'Balloon Headquarters' in the unoccupied building behind Harry Hendry's law Office. The only advice well-meaning friends from the city had was "make sure you are near a bus stop!" We laughed out load when we realized the only bus stop in town (which went to Owen Sound once a week) was 20 steps from out front door! Less then a year later, we outgrew the location and moved to the corner of Berford and George Street where we remained for many years.

New product lines began to emerge as trends changed. Perhaps a less specific name was needed. While still busy with wedding decorating, corporate events, gift baskets, costumed balloon deliveries and loot bag section, a request for other services began to appear. Our long-time interest in beads began to take root when customers started asking speciality beading supplies, crystals and healing stone jewellery and classes on how to put it all together.

With a store now bursting at the seams, an interesting opportunity for a larger building appeared, perfectly timed. In January 1998 with a slight change in name and a huge shift in product, 'The Painted Turtle and Balloon Headquarters' was opened at 499 Berford Street, across from the Frosty Freeze. A loss of windows at first seemed to be a challenge, but after 18 years in this location it all seems to be running quite smoothly. Balloons will always be apart of our business because this is how it all began, but it is no longer out main focus.

With the area's largest selection of beads and beading supplies from around the world, and a vast collection of New Age, Spirituality and positive items, including belly dancing outfits and products on everything from reflexology, meditation, chakras, pendulums, crystal healing books kits on self-growth, there is never a lack of the unusual.

We also carry hundreds of costume jewellery sets, rings, clothing and accessories, even boasting a 'clothing cabana' on the front of the yard in the summer. The eclectic mix does no end there. We offer year-round classes in beading, metal hammering, wire work, crystals, mala and prayer necklace making, card reading even create you own Spirit stick complete with a hike on the Bruce Trail afterwards. A local B&B has created a special 'Girlfriends Getaway' package featuring a customized class just for their visitors. We can design a specific class for any sized group and change on a dime, something the bigger box stores are not able to do!

We offer different items in our store, you can easily spend an afternoon browsing and still come across new and interesting finds each visit. Stop in to say hi, shop for something unique or drop by for a class, we look forward to seeing you!

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